Changchun Medical High Polymer Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, with a construction area of 8,800 square meters. Our products is including: X-ray Contrast Medium Injection Device (high-pressure syringe), disposable high-pressure contrast syringe and accessories, medical film, disposable sterile vaginal dilator.

Our company is one of the ten manufacturers with national Accredition specializing in the production of disposable high-pressure contrast syringes and accessories, and the only one fixed manufacturer designated by the state food and drug administration to produce disposable high-pressure contrast syringes and accessories in jilin province. After the announcement of the new "medical equipment production quality management standards", in July 2010, according to the requirements of the new "standards", the company transformed the production workshop, inspection room, raw material outsourcing parts warehouse, sterilization room and analytical warehouse. After the renovation, the 100,000 grade purification workshop covers an area of 2010.5 square meters, the inspection room covers an area of 144 square meters, the raw material outsourcing parts warehouse covers an area of 351 square meters, the sterilization workshop covers an area of 204.75 square meters, and the analytical library covers an area of 426.4 square meters. At the same time, according to the rules for the standardization of implementation, the quality management system has been re-established and documented.

The company's inspection room is well equipped, and the company's quality control department has the ability to test and control the above products. Our company has excellent technicians team, the company is constantly developing new products and with better service.